The Symptoms of Herpes

Genital herpes remains a sexual transmitted disease that affects millions of people throughout the world. Yet, this STD remains a condition that very few people know much about.

There are even individuals that contracted herpes and have been suffering from the problem for several years despite not knowing they have the condition.

The reason that such a problem can occur is due to the fact that they do not recognize the symptoms of herpes. Or, they may recognize the symptoms but do not believe they are a sign of herpes. Rather, they assume that something minor is wrong and do nothing to correct the problem.

This can lead the herpes outbreak to get worse. It also increases the odds that afflicted person will spread it to someone else.

When taking all these issues into consideration, it is best to learn the basic signs of herpes symptoms. This way, you can recognize the symptoms as soon as they occur and then seek immediate medical treatment.


The common symptoms are not that difficult to recognize. Here are the most common ones:
Itching – Among the very first symptoms that will be clearly noticeable would be severe itching in the genital region. This will likely occur within a few weeks after sexual contact with someone that is infected. Most will assume that the itching is jock itch or a minor allergic reaction.

As a result, they do not realize they have contracted a sexual transmitted disease.
Red Bumps – Small red bumps that look like pimples will appear on the body.

These sores can show up within a week after sexual contact. For men, this can appear on the penis shaft and in women they can appear on the vulva. The red bumps can become filled with white pus. These whiteheads can break and ooze both pus and blood.

Ulcers – After the red bumps develop pus, the bumps can turn into ulcers. The ulcers may bleed and ooze until they develop scabs. The scabs will heal but the problem does not go away. More red bumps will appear at different intervals.

These ulcers can also cause pain when urinating which would be a serious red flag that a sexual transmitted disease may have been contracted.

Flu Symptoms – Yes, you will discover a high fever, headache, and other severe flu like symptoms within a week after sexual contact.

In some instances, the lymph nodes in the genital region can become swollen.
Individually, each symptom could be considered potentially to be something else. When all these symptoms start appearing at the same time, the odds are strong that herpes has been contracted.


Treatment for herpes needs to be sought as soon as the symptoms of the condition start to show. There are medications which can slow down and reduce the frequency of herpes flare ups.

These herpes medications come in the form of antiviral creams and can work almost immediately after application. It may not be possible to cure herpes which can be considered the most alarming aspect of contracting the condition.