Vaginal Herpes

Vaginal Genital Herpes is another type of genital herpes.

It is also one of the symptoms occurred due to the contraction of the infection with the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 or herpes simplex virus-2.

The infection at its initial stage shows on your body with symptoms like a single petite blister. Or sometimes, it may appear of clusters of blisters with red rashes.

Commonly, these rashes may emerge in genitals or inner and outer walls of the vagina.

What is vaginal herpes?

Vaginal herpes is today one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. This disease is a condition when herpes affects the vagina of a woman during her sexual interaction with her male partner. Interestingly, herpes can infect both men and women.

It is observed that women tend to be more prone to this disease than their men counterparts. The ratio of herpes infected women to infected men would be 4:1. And that is not all! It is also observed that vaginal herpes is much more severe than herpes found in men.

A woman can get infected by herpes even if she does not indulge in a sexual intercourse with an infected man / woman.

This happens when she participates in oral sex with an infected partner. According to experts, masturbation can also trigger the activation of the dormant herpes simplex viruses in a woman’s body.

Symptoms of vaginal herpes

Vaginal herpes symptoms may differ from one person to another. The primary outbreak of this disease is characterized by tingling sensation and unusual itching in the genital areas. This may be followed by rashes and redness on the spot of the outbreak.

After about 2-3 days, the person may observe the emergence of blisters, skin lesions and ulcers on the skin. They may increase in size and number with the passing days. They may or may not be painful. Gradually within a period of 6-12 days they start reducing.

The pain becomes less and finally burst. In the following few days, the person may get distressed with yet another outbreak.

He may experience vaginal herpes sores around anus, thighs, buttocks and surrounding areas. At the time of second outbreak, the person needs to follow stringent precautions to dissuade the spread of the disease.

It is important to discard all the clothes that have come in contact with the physical symptoms. Clean your hands after touching the blisters or sores.

Some women may experience unusual vaginal herpes discharge. This symptom can become very distressful especially while at work.

Sometimes the discharge is accompanied by pain as well. In some cases, women often experience slight pain in the walls of the vagina or lower abdominal area while urinating. They may experience muscle aches throughout the body.

A few women often company of pain in the inner side of the vagina during intercourse. Constant headaches and fluctuating fever keep hampering the normal chores of a woman’s life if she gets infected by the herpes virus. In extreme cases, the glands in the groin area also get swollen and painful.

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